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Session content


Online Equipment

What equipment to buy without breaking the bank.

Attracting The Unchurched

How to attract the unchurched to you digital location.

From Engagement To Community

How to take people from engagement to being apart of your church community.

Online Worship Experiences

How to create an engaging worship experience online.

Digital Discipleship

How to leverage online resources to create authentic digital disciples


How to scale a digital church planting movement

Main Stage speaker


Myron Pierce

Myron is the most unlikely leader in his region. At the age 18 he stood before a judge while facing

 200 years in prison due to his life of gang banging, drugs, and crime. 

While facing a life sentence of prison time, one thing changed - his heart. He’d surrendered his 

soul to the Lord Jesus. While leaving the courtroom with a 16 to 33 year sentence Myron had heard a whisper. "I'm going to get you out of prison to plant churches.” 

This word from God became the vision that has now inspired thousands.

Through a series of miracles the prison doors opened for him after 8 years. Myron received his B.A.. in Biblical Studies and Business Leadership at Grace University. He is currently working towards finishing his 

M.A.. in global leadership from Crown College.

Myron has authored several books, launched a host of churches, and a few businesses. He is the founder of Village Social, a digital marketing agency that helps churches and organizations navigate and leverage the digital marketing world to accomplish their mission.He is the Lead Pastor of Mission Church, a grassroots inner city mission with a dream to saturate every inner city with diverse Hope filled churches. 

As a digital church they have planted 5 digital churches in the last year with a goal to launch 5 more churches this year.

He and his wife, Kristin, live in the heart 

of North Omaha with their three sons and daughter. expertise? How are they related to your conference's mission?

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